And how much do these company mishaps cost?

To illustrate how important Company and Industrial Insurance are, it is interesting to look at the findings of UNESPA’s.

Insurance companies pay out an estimated 1.2 billion euros annually to resolve the problems experienced by the companies that make up Spain’s productive fabric. And what if these costs had to come straight out of our pockets?

On another note, based on our knowledge and experience, SMEs across the board unfortunately still suffer from insurance problems; 40% of company asset risks are NOT properly covered, 45% of companies have NO coverage for personnel-related risks, 19% of Civil Liability risks go uncovered and 53.3% of companies are unaware of the costs involved if their activity is suspended or customers default on payment.

The key is to take out exactly the right insurance for your company, looking particularly at what poses the highest risks without forgetting any obligatory cover of course. At our offices you will find experts who are trained to detect and deal with your company’s actual needs.

This is why Insurance is so important.