Beware of drowsiness at the wheel

Last night you loaded up the car and this morning you got up at 4.30am to set out early. Everyone is settled in and you take off. It’s still dark out but you don’t mind driving at night. There will be daylight soon. You’re a careful driver and you’re planning on stopping in a few hours for breakfast. But, “Now it’s 6.30 and nothing is open yet. A little bit further… now it’s 7 o’clock. Everything’s still closed and the sun is beginning to rise. Just a bit further…” – your eyelids droop and you yawn.

DANGER! The worst times for driving are between 2 and 6am and 1 and 4pm, when your body is relaxed, you feel drowsy and the risk of an accident is multiplied. How much more? To the point that it is the fourth highest cause of fatal accidents on Spanish roads and is involved in 20-30% of traffic accidents.

The important thing is to arrive safely, not quickly.

A study carried out with drivers indicates that resting and drinking coffee improves reaction time at the wheel, as drivers veer off-course less and feel less drowsy. A sleepy driver makes the wrong decisions. Their reaction time is 7.7% faster when they are rested and have had a coffee.

 As your insurance broker, I recommend that you add the road assistance number to your list of contacts on your mobile phone so that it’s handy in case of an emergency.