The best protection against cyber attacks is a secure password. It will have more than 12 characters, numbers; it will mix upper and lower case characters and will change vowels with numbers, but not places or common names. We all know this, but would you like to learn some tricks?

Use easy-to-remember patterns: exclamation marks at the start and end, take the first two letters of each word, respect upper case and use numbers for dates. For example, and using the title as our inspiration: CrASaPaT3A20!

Another method is to use PAO (person, action and object).  Imagine that you are a fan of Julio Iglesias and you can use Juli0SingsHey!

Careful! Create similar passwords but do not use the same ones all the time. If you like Rafael Nadal, you can use Nada1WinsRoGa!

You will be more InternetProtected and you will have more fun. The most important thing is for your password to be secure and for you to be able to remember it instantly.