Don’t stop the music! And if it isn’t playing?

U2 played in Madrid last September. These shows have huge budgets. Years ago, the group’s tour cost 3 million euros a week whether they played or not. 69 semi-trailers, 200 permanent employees and another 30 from the local team and 50 security personnel travel with Bono.

So what happens if the U2eiTour  is cancelled due to a problem with his voice, to sickness, bad weather…? An independent medical practitioner must certify the singer’s condition. The Event Policy will take care of the agreed expenses. Drug or alcohol abuse are not covered.

The Event Policy also covers other risks such as Civil Responsibility for the damages that both the public and the staff that works at the event could suffer. Transport, the building where the concert takes place or the promoter’s loss of profit will also be protected.

Watch out! Smaller concerts that could take place in your village must also be insured.