How to travel overseas and not lose your savings because of a health problem

A medical plane trip from the United States to Spain costs 50,000 euros. A regular flight on a stretcher accompanied by a doctor costs 20,000 euros. One night in an American hospital costs 3,500 euros.

Summer is a season when many of us decide to travel abroad. Unfortunately, we Spaniards are not used to contracting travel insurance unless the law forces us to do so. Ecuador, Cuba, Russia, Belarus, Algeria and Iran are countries that require us to contract an insurance policy covering medical expenses, repatriation and 24-hour assistance.

Travelling around Europe is simpler with the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It guarantees medical care in all European Union countries. You can get it by going to the Social Security office or online.

However, this Card does not cover family travel or repatriation. Therefore, we recommend Travel Insurance. Apart from all medical coverage (including travel), there are three advantages that may be essential:

  • In case of cancellation, you will recover the money paid.
  • Interruption or early return. They will refund the proportional amount you did not use.
  • Losses of luggage, delays and CL (Civil Liability) for damages that you may cause to other people.

We also recommend you to be prudent and wash fruit or vegetables well before eating. And prepare a small travel kit in case someone gets cut, gets a cold, gets a headache or is undergoing treatment.