I am a self-employed worker, do I have the right to vacation?

Do you receive more than 75% of your income from the same company? Then you are a self-employed worker; you need to sign a contract and register it with the State Public Employment Service.

Now that we are in summer, we can confirm that you are entitled to 18 vacation days in addition to the weekly and holiday breaks agreed on with your main employer. However, for self-employed workers this vacation period is unpaid, and a period of three months is established to communicate this to the main company.

Approximately two out of ten self-employed workers do not get a single day of vacation. They should continue counting these days. Even if they keep the business closed, for which they are not earning money but rather are losing money. That is why we always recommend “covering your back”.

Am I sick? Never!

They take half the number of sick days as salaried workers. 71% of self-employed workers never stop working. And if they get sick, who pays them?

There are work leave insurance plans (Temporary Work Disability [ILT, Incapacidad Laboral Temporal)]. By paying a yearly amount, the insurer compensates you for days off.

So…don’t you think it’s better to contract Work Leave Insurance?