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“I have a beach bar on the shore, it’s really nice and I hope you go”. Georgie Dann did not invent El chiringuito

“We open when we arrive, we close when we leave. If you come and we are not there, it just means we didn’t cross paths.” Fantastic terraces and beach bars [referred to as “chiringuitos” in Spain] to have a rest, get away, refresh and eat, with good views, or at least outdoors. And that’s what summer brings, among other things.

The Spanish word “chiringuito” comes from sugarcane plantation workers in Cuba. While they were on break, they would have a thin blast of coffee, which they called chiringo. Over time, chiringo became chiringuito, and came to refer to the improvised kiosks where they drank the coffee. In Spain, it was the legendary El Chiringuito in Sitges in 1913, which was the first beach bar to coin the term. Later Georgie Dann triumphed with his song in 1988, which also extends to this day.

Beach bars, fair booths, portable bars… places to enjoy the summer while having a drink. In some cases, food poisoning occurs due to the poor condition of food. Who is responsible? The owners of these businesses. They must comply with health regulations on food handling and report on allergens.

We don’t really need to worry at the beach bars; this doesn’t happen often, but if a mishap occurs, such as food poisoning or a fall, the place will handle it with liability insurance.

And if you own (or manage) a beach bar, the best thing you can do to cover yourself if any claim is made (regardless of whether you are guilty, since you’ll always need to take responsibility) is contract “Beach Bar Insurance”.

It is multi-risk insurance, as any business or hotel establishment, with the particularity of adding the outdoor terraces within its coverage. They include Civil Liability (it would cover this type of incident), fire, explosion, lightning, water damage, weather phenomena, glass breakage, theft, etc.