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If you’re an excellent driver… respect cyclists

I am proud to be among the cyclists on both urban and interurban roads; However, I’m not so proud to think of appearing, at any day, in the news of this or another newspaper as a victim of an accident of being run over by a car, the driver of which, for several reasons, as many as the mind can imagine, ran into me, and what happens next can range from a great shock to never being able to tell about what happened.” 

(José Luis Santos Cela, Diario de León)

Apart from Sundays, bikes are also useful for going to work or going shopping. However, dangers lurk for cyclists in cities and on highways: cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks and so on. They can be lethal when rules are not followed. Co-existence with drivers doesn’t come down to building more bike lanes. The solution is based on respect.

The weakest

The road regulations for cyclists state that:

  • Adults must wear helmets on interurban roads and those under 16 must also do so in the city.
  • They cannot use a mobile phone or wear headphones.
  • They can travel on verges of dual lane carriage roads (but not motorways), unless signage indicates otherwise.
  • In the city, they must use the bike path and, if there isn’t one, they can travel in the They must not use the pavement unless expressly indicated.

All the obligations of motor vehicles can be summarized in just one: cyclists have priority because they are more vulnerable.

Bicycles aren’t required to take out insurance, although we do recommend it. It protects you from the damages that you may cause or suffer in an accident (that includes medical expenses). In addition, it covers you in case of theft, pays for bicycle repairs when they are not the result of habitual wear and tear and supports you in the paperwork when you receive a fine.