“Is it always the person who hits you who pays?

A car hit me so hard from behind that I hit the one in front of me. We had both stopped at a traffic light. Do I have to pay for the damage I caused?

Response from your broker: in this case, NO. If the third car hadn’t hit you so hard, then it wouldn’t have caused you to move forward and hit the car in front. The car that hit you will therefore be responsible for their own frontal repairs, your repairs (front and back), and the repairs to the first car.

It is something else if the first car reduces its speed, you don’t notice so you hit it, and then the last car also collides with you by mistake. So each one pays for their own repairs and those of the car in front.

Advice: fill out a “mutual declaration”. In multiple collisions, it is better to reach an agreement as soon as possible but if there are any doubts or discrepancies, call the local police to make a statement, which will also act as a “mutual declaration” in the event that it is accepted.