May a fire never lead to your company closing its doors and ruining your life

Three out of four companies close their doors after a fire. This is usually due to lack of prevention. The main cause is human neglect (from sparks caused by welding or flammable substances falling over).

After the fire, companies temporarily close in order to make appropriate arrangements. Do you know how much this will cost?

Reconstruction lasts five or six months. The business must have sufficient resources to pay fixed costs (salaries, telephone, rent, etc.). It will also need to handle repair costs and loss of profits from this period. It is then time to add up expenses and if they cannot be handled, the business will need to close its doors.

Great insurance for anything that could go wrong

Fortunately, there are Company Multi-Risk Insurance and Lost Profits Insurance packages. What are these?

Multi-risk insurance guarantees reconstruction of the facilities and the damage caused to others. Loss of profits compensates for the fixed expenses and the gross profit not generated while arrangements last, with payment of a daily compensation.

Every year, 42,000 fires occur in industrial companies (one fire every 1 hour 17 minutes). Prepare a Prevention Plan, keep your business tidy with proper maintenance, periodically check the fire facilities and use machinery carefully.