Rain, fog, snow… That’s what winter driving is all about

Take care, because winter traffic accidents account for 30% of mortal accidents and injuries that require time in hospital. The main reasons are rain, fog and sometimes snow.  We recommend the following to avoid them:

  • Have your vehicle checked.
  • Find out about the road conditions before travelling.
  • On the road: reduce speed, increase the safety distance, avoid swerving, do not accelerate or brake suddenly and use winter tyres if you can.

There are also various tactics that will help you avoid danger:

  • Do not start driving until the windscreens are properly demisted.
  • If you drive with gloves, make sure they are made of a material that grips the wheel. And do not drive in an overcoat because the seatbelts will not secure you properly if they are not close-fitting.
  • Pharmaceuticals: NO thanks. Depending on what you take, they can produce drowsiness.
  • Use the rear fog lights in fog, heavy rain and snow. They are used to mark your position and do not cause glare.

If in doubt, use common sense.