Skiing is all this and more

Diego has been scrimping all week in order to afford a ski weekend. When the season begins, the enthusiasm ski of the 5 million people who take to Spain’s slopes in the season increases.

According to a study prepared by Intermundial, 53% of all incidents at ski resorts in the 2014-2015 season were the result of illness or accident. Medical repatriation within the country costs roughly 2,000 euros; 6,000 or more from abroad, and the costs are covered by the affected party.

“Passport to paradise”

Diego began skiing 5 years ago when he met Idoya, and right from the start they took out what they call their “passport to paradise”: their ski accident insurance. They feel good coverage is important if they have an accident, and have included Personal Liability, piste rescue, medical assistance and medical expenses.

Once Diego collided with another skier. Fortunately nothing happened, but some accidents can lead to spending large sums of money that aren’t always affordable. Diego is aware that practicing this sport is a danger to himself as well as to others and that the person responsible is liable for any expenses incurred by third parties.

Idoya wants to assure her well-being and knows that in the event of an accident in the ski resort, the public health system will not take care of the expenses and that private insurance might also exclude skiing accidents. On the other hand, Ski Accident insurance covers any mishap.

Routinely or occasionally; skiers must protect themselves with an insurance policy, even if it’s only for a single day. After that…you can enjoy the silence of the peaks and the sound of the boards swooshing on the snow.