“The one you’ve messed with, man”. Look, he doesn’t have home insurance

Manolo has a very bad temper and leaks in his house because of Toño, his neighbour from the floor above. Toño’s shower tray is flaking off with misplaced silicone and obviously, leaks occur. The water cascaded down the lamp in Manolo’s living room. In addition to knocking on the wooden floor and walls, he melted the light fuses and is in darkness.

Since his neighbour responded in such a bad way that he had never taken out insurance, Manolo fears that his current account will remain in the red.

Desperate, he called us at the brokerage…

– Don’t worry, your Home policy includes defence and legal claim. Explain to us what happened. We will call the expert, your insurance company will assume the expenses of the flood and will take care of getting back with Toño. He is guilty and will have to pay. Now you will understand why it is important to be well insured.

22 more reasons in one minute

Apart from the most common domestic accidents (leaks, electrical damage, theft, fire etc.), I confirm that the main reason to hire a Home policy is that it is an excellent investment.

Good insurance guarantees the rebuilding of your home and the safekeeping of everything you keep inside.

Another very important reason is Civil Liability of the people who live in the house, even if you are walking down the street. When your dog bites a pedestrian or the child breaks Toño’s glasses, for the neighbour above, the insurance pays…

I could give you 20 more reasons, but they are all summarised into one: When your assets, your investment and your loved ones are guarded by the “insurance angel”, you sleep and live in peace.

It must be like that.