“Vamos de paseo, en un coche feo…”

Before leaving, make sure that the car has proper tires and brake pads; tires reach expiration and wear out just like brake pads. Check that brake fluid, wiper fluid, water, steering and antifreeze liquids are at optimum levels. And that the lights and battery have enough days, months, or years of operation.

Do not lose the documentation

If you are not carrying the required documentation, each will cost you 10 euros. Have your driving license, registration certificate and Vehicle Technical Inspection card (ITV) with the updated ITV report and sticker on the windshield. Not having passed the ITV could negatively affect the insurance if the vehicle is lost.

If you break down, use the safety triangle and a vest for each passenger. We also recommend a kit for emergencies including: insect repellents, analgesics, anti-inflammatory, sunscreen, car sickness pills and first aid dressing.

A clip, a wire…

Or rope, flanges… something that will help you if part of the car falls off.

In an emergency, cutters or the scissors for cutting open seatbelts are your best friend. A good hammer to break the windows if the door is locked (removing the headboard from the seats can also work). A torch with batteries for the dark.

I also carry an umbrella, a mobile phone charger and paper & pen to fill in the accident form.

Bon voyage!