We kept this series in suspense until it finished, we did not come in to give an assessment of the end, but as professionals in the sector, it’s hard not to see some aspects of this TV series with an insurance frame of mind:

  • Jaime Lanninster could have had his hands insured as a work tool (there are footballers who insure their legs; without going into more details, Jennifer Lopez has insured her derrière), to lose his right hand as a Royal Guard would have left him well compensated.
  • Daenerys Targaryen should have contracted Pet Insurance – Home Insurance does not cover all their needs – and expand on this with a good Civil Liability policy because sometimes dragons burn things and wars are sparked…
  • Arya Stark, as a professional assassin, and given her look, knows that it is very important to have her back covered and that a self-employed person who sees danger up close knows that it is very important to have certain coverage, such as Disability, Permanent Disability, and of course, to have a Professional CR policy contracted.
  • Jon Snow and Health Insurance, “is not Manchego, will not recover soon,” so having good service, which is fast and high quality, for emergencies and specialised in stabbings would help a lot.
  • And, finally, we must analyse Home Insurance; is the content and container guaranteed? Is there a proper guarantee for fire? Winterfell and the Red Fortress are castles, but homes, and after all, have annexed dependencies, genuine furniture and special value pieces like thrones… and how much is a throne worth?