“Your body is the only place you have to live” and Health Insurance keeps it active

Health insurance policies usually include age and health condition restrictions. If you are not one of the almost 11 million people who have taken out one of these policies, you should study the option before it’s too late, because age and its “aches and pains” are a handicap when it comes to contracting one.

The following are the 3 indispensable tips for choosing a good policy:

1.- The insurer’s reputation: solvency, services, experience…

2.- Personal treatment, especially if you use medical services frequently.

3.- Guarantees depending on your age and state of health.

Some companies cancel healthcare policies at the age of 60, but others maintain them and even adapt them to the age of the holder. This way they can include specialist geriatric attention and other specialties for the elderly. They also cater for diagnostic testing, surgery and hospitalisation.

Other aspects to be taken into account:

Pre-existing conditions. These are pathologies that the holder suffered before taking out the policy. They must be declared before signing up.

Co-payment. This is a formula that some insurers use when the holder accesses certain insured benefits. The holder must pay a certain proportion of the cost.

Medical team. The list of doctors and centres that you can visit to receive medical attention. It is important to thoroughly examine this list before signing the policy.

Grace periods. These are time periods counting from the policy signature date during which some benefits of the policy are not available.

Are dependent children covered by the insurance? It depends on the insurer. Some policies include them automatically while the holder must expressly request their inclusion in others. The child will be insured from its date of birth if you include it within 30 days of said date.

Your relationship with the health insurer is a long-term one. Be sure to choose wisely. It is important to ensure that you make the right choice by analysing all the options. Not all companies agree to cover certain illnesses. Ask us before making the decision. That’s the best way to get it right.